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Angy Labiris

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Angy pursued art in high school and attended La Trobe University where he studied Art History. He also took up practical art classes in life drawing at RMIT. After completing his Arts degree and a Diploma in Librarianship, he commenced work in the public library system. He continued his love for painting, initially working with acrylics on canvas, board and various other surfaces. His first exhibition was held during the 1990’s at the Bridge Road Gallery in Richmond, followed by exhibitions at Cotham Gallery 101, Kew and the Tacit Contemporary Art Gallery, Collingwood. He has also participated in a number of ‘Antipodean Palette’ annual art exhibitions at Steps Gallery in Carlton, Melbourne.

“I am basically self-taught. My background in Art History has given me a passion for the works of The Old Masters and their subject matter. I paint mainly on board and at times on canvas. I transitioned from painting with acrylics to painting with oils as I felt acrylics were too restrictive. When I changed medium, I found oil paints too slippery and took much longer to dry. To create a rich textured surface, I developed an impasto technique using predominately sticks, the palette knife and to a lesser extent, the brush…An artist’s aim is to create a ‘successful’ picture, by any means.

I have always loved creating landscapes and the illusion of being able to ‘enter’ an artwork to explore its rich, colourful, mysterious or sinister world. I hope my work invites viewers to enter my world. I am also fascinated by the ambiguous and abstract forms found in nature.

I was born in Greece and arrived in Australia with my parents in 1965. Lately, I desire to return to my roots and to visit Greece regularly. Fascinated by its landscape, many of my works are scenes of Greece…and of course Australia. Do I see Greece through Australian eyes or Australia through Greek eyes? You decide.”