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Jenny Dumont

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Jenny Dumont has travelled to many countries over the years to paint and view the work of past and present masters. She worked as an artist and teacher during her time living in Greece, Canada and since 2008 in her Bayside art studio in Melbourne Australia. Originally trained in Graphic Design but greatly inspired by the Surrealist movement with artists such as Dali, Man Ray and Duchamp. She went on to blend and create works that explore several different mediums and styles from modern acrylics and traditional oils to abstract inks and resins.

Her journey with resin as an art medium began in 2014 with works executed on custom made round boards and canvas. Inspiration came mainly from nature especially flowers, the beautiful local Bayside beaches, and the landscape of this earth in general. She mixes inks, pigments and powders with clear resin which is then poured in layers to create a composition that is fluid, has depth and is rich in colour and visual texture.

Jenny’s artist journey reflects her love of Surrealist ideals of juxtaposing images, mediums and methods. These attributes are an influence on her style and belief that, ‘not all needs to be as we know it’. Whilst working with and teaching resin, she began experimenting with the creation of art through furniture. Leaning on her experience as a wood and metal craft teacher, her love of art and mixing mediums, Jenny sourced home furnishings with unique architecture and their potential for metamorphosis. Each piece is lovingly restored, reinvented, and adorned with a piece of resin art, one of a kind and unique to that piece.

Today, Jenny is a full-time artist, Secondary teacher and entrepreneur. She continues to work with mixed media, experimenting with the vast boundaries this medium has to offer. She stands by the belief that, ‘an artist should not be branded but be a conduit, a forever evolving fluid medium’. Private collections of her work are held in Greece, Singapore, Canada, United Kingdom and Brazil.


  • 1999 Pylaia Art Gallery Greece
  • 2003 Matticks Farm Art Gallery Canada
  • 2004 Vancouver Island Food and Wine Festival
  • 2009 Canterbury Art Show Melbourne
  • 2010 Beaumaris Art Group2014 Art for Life
  • 2013-2021 Bluethumb Art Gallery
  • 2015 Antipodean Palette Steps Gallery Carlton
  • 2015 The Bayside Art Show
  • 2015 Mingara Art Gallery Phillip Island
  • 2015 Emerging Art Gallery Windsor
  • 2015-2016 Without Pier Gallery Bayside
  • 2017 Beaumaris Art & Craft Exhibition
  • 2015 November issue of Inside Out Magazine


  • Bachelor of Education in Art and Design, Melbourne University (1985-1989)
  • Secondary Art and Design teacher, Arts coordinator, State examiner and mentor for VCE art students (1990-1992)
  • Professional exhibiting artist and teacher (1993-current)
  • Co-founder of Steaming Ink Design Partnership (advertising, graphic design and photography)