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On Sunday 25th May, 2014, the Greek-Cultural League hosted the “metamorphosis” poetry event at the Steps Gallery, an event which turned out to be a great success.

With a pertinentlycontemporary orientation, the theme of transformation created a collective dialogue betweenthe poets and the audience, beckoning the latter to consider issues and themes that affect theentire human condition.

The lineup of Greek-Australian poets who entertained the audience with beautiful sonnets about the transformation of outer reality  and the inner mental  life included Dimitris Troaditis, Michael Giannopoulos, George Mouratidis, Konstandina Dounis,Petr  Malapanis,  Panagiota  Pixie   Trangas,  Steve  Messinis,  and  Dina  Amanatides.

Accompanying them on this  cerebrally  stimulating and memorable afternoon was specialguest poet and librettist Judith Rodriguez, a woman whose longevity in producing literaryworks of excellence and latitude is recognized throughout Australia.