The launch of the ANTIPODES culture and arts periodical

The launch of the much anticipated annual, bilingual periodical Antipodes vol 63 and the results of the Literary Competition were announced

The Antipodean Palette 2017

The Greek Australian Cultural League of Melbourne is hosting its 7th annual group art exhibition, “Antipodean Palette” 2017 (Steps Gallery, 62 Lygon St Carlton from August 17th until August 27rd). The exhibition aims to support visual arts in the community by showcasing the works of practicing artists in a variety of media.

Greek-Australian Cultural League


The Administrative Committee of the Greek-Australian Cultural League would like to welcome you to our new website, where you will find information about our organisation and our activities.

Aims and Objectives

The Greek-Australian Cultural League’s aims and objectives are the advancement, support and dissemination of the creative endeavours of Greek-Australian writers and artists .


GACL organises various activities including the “Antipodean Palette”, book launches, literary competitions, literary readings, musical events and publish the bi-lingual periodical “Antipodes”.

Awards of Excellence

GACL was awarded the Medal of Multiculturalism in December 2006 at the ceremony of Victoria’s Awards for Excellence in Multicultural Affairs Meritorious Service to the Community.

Antipodean Palette

The 'Antipodean Palette' Art Exhibition

Every year GACL hosts its  annual art exhibition “Antipodean Palette”. The exhibition showcases the works of various Greek Australian artists in a range of media such as painting, sculpture, photography, digital prints, computer art and collage. The exhibition aims to support the visual arts and to foster a spirit of cooperation amongst artists from various disciplines.
When & Where

The exhibition “Antipodean Palette” 2017 will take place:

When: 17-27 August 2017

Opening night: Saturday, 19 August 2017, 2.00pm

Where: Steps Gallery, 62 Lygon St, Carlton, VIC 3053



How to Enter




Literary Competition

The Annual Literary Competition

The GACL organises every year the Literary Competition whose results are announced during the launch of annual “Antipodes” periodical. The competition includes works written in the Greek or English language in the following categories: Poetry, Short Story and One Act Theatrical Play. All first prize winning works in each category of the competition are published in the periodical  “Antipodes”.
When & Where
All entries must be submitted by 26th June, 2014, at the latest, and sent to the following address: Greek-Australian Cultural League, University οf Melbourne, P.O. Box 4307, Parkville, Vic., 3052, Australia 

Periodical 'Antipodes'

The Literary Periodical 'Antipodes'

The annual literary periodical «Antipodes» is launched in October. Its edition includes works submitted by GACL members, such as poems, short stories, studies, essays, book reviews and οther literary works, in Greek and English. Submitted works, in order to be published in the periodical must be approved by the Editorial Committee. All material submitted must not have been published previously and is the original work of the author.
When & Where
Works Submitted must reach the GACL by the 26th of June 2014 and must be posted to the: Greek-Australian Cultural League of Melbourne, University of Melbourne, P.O. Box 4307, Parkville, Vic., 3052 We encourage submissions to be sent in electronic form to

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