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“Change is the only constant in life” a quote by Heraclitus, something we forget and yet is so obvious in today’s COVID climate. After 12 months of insecurity, isolation, for many devastation, and saturated online work, study and interests, the GACL’s 11th  Antipodean Palette Art Exhibition is embracing change and exhibiting in a whole new and exciting fashion this year. From Steps Gallery in 2019, to virtual in 2020, it is now in 2021 on the streets of Melbourne. Posters showcasing 14 artists’ work will be displayed on outside billboards and city walls.

The main site, is a wall in Duckboard Place —centrally located within the street art trails of Melbourne’s CBD— as well as randomly placed posters within the city and several surrounding suburbs. The ‘exhibition’ can be viewed anytime from 17 to 30 May 2021.

The theme ‘METAMORΦOSIΣ’ was chosen to align with the central idea of the 200 years of Independence of the Republic of Greece from Ottoman rule. But it is so much more than that. It is about change, about adapting, about moving forward.

In this exciting new collection of work presented by the GACL, 14 artists approached the theme of “Metamorphosis” in very different ways:  there are personal stories, passionate connections, transformational ideologies, and surprising perceptions. The different approaches in which each artist has interpreted the theme displays both the complexity and acceptance of change. This eclectic and disparate body of work displays insights into the human condition and changing circumstances, and in turn provokes us to interpret the artists’ work at a personal level.

(Click on each name for more detail about the artist…)

Thalia Andrews
George Athanasiou
Efrossini Chaniotis
Konstantinia Gogou
Aphroditi Karalis
Maritsa Micos
James Pasakos
Virginia Polendakis
Katerina Prifti
Helen Sartinas 
Heidi Seraphim
Tina Sideris
Kalliroe Tsiatis