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Tina Sideris

Medium: Digital media, 84 x 84cm

Artist Statement

The very act of using digital media has me as an artist undergoing my own metamorphosis. The change in medium has allowed me to not only explore the fusion of my art with travel photography, it’s allowed the breaking down of known barriers and the exploration of new frontiers. Simultaneously unnerving and exhilarating.

A time for transformation, a time for exploration, a time for a change. My fascination with the tradition of the woodland myth and allegory dates back to my childhood. And now the challenge of breaking down original works and creating something new, by osmosis, is at the forefront of this experiment.

The embodiment of different media, including pyrography, photography and digital manipulation allowed the image to take on a life of its own. The metamorphosis happening to the subject as well as the creator. 

The subject matter is true to my love of the natural world, a world constantly in flux. I’m particularly drawn to the allure of the woods, and the mythical world. The nymph spirit, the human-tree hybrids known as Dryads.

What lies beyond in the density and darkness of the woods takes on a life and mystery of its own. Trees seem to forever transform into the most majestic of creatures. At times, anthropomorphic, at times, undefinable. Branches are reaching out and creating a life of their own, open to interpretation. Twigs, branches, leaves and blossoms forever moving, forever changing breathes a surreal entity into the world.

My personal mythology began to develop, as the mediums and techniques morphed into this final digital montage.