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Antipodean Palette 2020 - 'Connection' **POSTPONED**


AP2020 – ‘CONNECTION’…a celebration of two cultures connecting.

One of the GACL’s aims and objectives, as formulated in its constitution, was to create an inclusive working relationship with other cultural groups in promoting literature and the arts.  The GACL embraces diversity and encourages the exploration of cross cultural interpretations. This was successfully demonstrated in the 2018 ‘Destinations’ exhibition, launched by Esther Anatolitis (Executive Director of NAVA), where artists from diverse cultures showcased their work in one space, at one event, proving a great success. This event provided invaluable contacts and shared experiences which strengthened connection between different cultural groups.

In 2020, to celebrate the 10th annual ‘Antipodean Palette’ art exhibition and 50 years since its establishment, the GACL has collaborated with First Nations and Greek Australian artists, storytellers and performers in a special 10 day event.  The aim is to embrace diversity and celebrate community through the theme ‘CONNECTION’ by creating a genuine partnership supporting connection to cultural heritage and identity while preserving the indigenous tradition in a shared and meaningful way.

AP2020-‘CONNECTION’ will showcase work from First Nations and Greek-Australian artists.  Guest speakers, performers, storytellers and workshop facilitators will also be engaged to inspire intercultural dialogue in an interactive way, suited for all age groups.

The GACL invites your participation in this unique event which promotes awareness and acceptance of cultural diversity through the sharing of art, music and storytelling.

It is through this event, the GACL will acknowledge this Land’s original custodians and the opportunities it offered to the many Greek migrants of the post-war era.

Presented by the GACL, ‘CONNECTION’ is a collaboration with Songlines Aboriginal Music and supported by the Victorian Multicultural Commission