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GACL KIDS is a new art and culture program proudly presented by the Greek Australian Cultural League. Children aged 7-11, of all nationalities are welcome to participate as it is not a language program, but rather one that aims to provide opportunities for children to explore the wonders of Greek history, art and culture in fun and creative ways.

GACLKIDS commenced in 2021 during the Term 1 school holidays as an online initiative during COVID. It consisted of a series of 3 x 1.5 hour activities, each with a different historical and cultural theme accompanied by a varied art medium or technique. In Term 1, children created a 3D model of a horse while listening to the story of three famous ancient horses, explored geometric art, creating their own ‘ancient’ story telling vase and also painted an idyllic seascape using the technique of pointillism while learning all about the Greek Islands. The program provides a great way for children to meet and share their work with other children, nation-wide, in a safe secure platform and in the comfort of their own home.

Children who participate can also join in the GACLKIDS CLUB, an online gallery of creative works and blog especially made for children, by children.

See here for an update on the GACL KIDS 2021 Term 1 Program

Our first GACLKIDS ambassador had this to say about her experience:
As I logged on the first art class session a feeling of joy and excitement filled me. We were making Ancient Greek horses and I love learning facts about Ancient Greece. It was time to start making my horse and I chose to do the Trojan horse because it had a lot of history. The next day probably even more excited than the last, I hopped on to the class and was ready, knowing that this session was going to be a blast and of course it was. We were learning about the different ancient Greek pots and what they were used for. Last but certainly not least was the last day of dot painting. I love dot paintings because there is so much detail in the little dots. We were looking at a painting and I realised that it was made of dots. I really enjoyed doing the Greek Island scene and using materials that have a circular shape. There were also some fun facts that I learned and they are always so interesting. I really hope that I do something like that again. – Zoe Hatzis Age 10