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Maritsa Micos

The Metamorphosis Of Navarino Bay
Medium: Mixed media on canvas, unframed, 90 x 90 cm
Price: $2,100

MOB: 0410 578 834

Artist Statement 

The metamorphosis of Navarino Bay depicts both the defeat and victory of the last major naval battle in history, fought entirely with sailing ships. (during The Greek War of Independence, October 1827) 

Small abstract sailing ships appear lost and fragile, engulfed by both the sky and sea. There is an uncertain feeling of what is ahead, and a metamorphosis is taking place, through the abstract process Navarino Bay is beginning to change.

The many impasto layers are symbolic of turmoil and confusion, revealing the deconstruction that is happening in the bay. The upper right-hand side corner posts a subtle cross that underpins the Greek people’s enduring faith, an important fact that carried their resilience and drive. 

The battle at Navarino Bay proved to be a turning point for today’s town of Pylos on the west coast of the Peloponnese. Without it, it may not have gained its independence. 

Artist Profile

My artwork draws energy and inspiration from the land in its many forms, The layers of impasto and graffiti like marks are evident within my contemporary mixed media palette which comprises of acrylics, aerosol, collage, gouache, ink, graphite. 

Artists such as De Kooning, CY Twombly and Aida Tomescu have influenced my style..

The process of mark making became my focus when I joined the Drawing Marathon in Soho NY and worked under mentor Graham Nickson. 

The vocabulary of drawing crossed the boundaries of paint and my personal style broadened through unorthodox tools and exercises. 

As a result my art process became intuitive in its approach.