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E.E.A.M.A. in collaboration with the Greek-Australian Cultural League invite you to Jim Saltis’ book launch of  “Blessings, Curses and Exorcisms, on Sunday 31st August, 2014, 3.00pm, at the Stars International reception centre, 1C Bell Street, Preston.

The book will be presented by the well known and acclaimed Alexandrian poet and artist, Nikos Nomikos. The launch will be hosted by the GACL’s Secretary, Kathy Aronis

A few words about the book from the author:

“Alexandria was the city where I was born, grew up and finally left in January 1949, without hatred or wickedness. One night, after my divorce in 1988, when sleep was minimal and agitated I decided to put some exploitation to my insomnia and started writing my first book which I titled as “Mrs Stamata”.

Saltis2Many years have logged since then, before finally I seriously went back to the skeletal book to turn it into a novel. The book includes my own empirical experiences and also fantasies that dwelled between my perpetually moving brain and my invisible soul.

The people you will encounter in this novel have lived their sojourn on this planet. Even the prodigal and very beautiful Flora (Madeline) who was lucky to experience the true live from Milton. I gave Sofia a happy ending after the untimely departure of her husband Alecos. Stamata died a long time ago but she carries on living as ghost at the Greek section of the cemetery at Chatby while waiting for the Second Coming of Jesus.

The book takes place in the Alexandrine district and it includes words from the different languages that the Europeans used including of course the Arabic. These days all of us who were born in the magical city of Alexandria, live dispersed on the hospitable planet. We have travelled on new seas and flew over skies and countries we have learned from our Geography books. We have comfortably settled and now enjoy leisurely existences in our old age. Yet are always grateful that we were born in Egypt.”

Αll welcome refreshments will be provided at the end of the proceedings