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Dear members and friends of the GACLΜ,
The President and the members of the Administrative Committee of the GACLM wish you and your families a peaceful, productive and joyful 2014. With your continued support and the tireless work of the Committee members and other willing helpers, the year 2013 proved productive and successful for our League. Our aim is to continue with the same energy and enthusiasm, so that 2014 turns out to be even more successful and enjoyable.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you to renew your Membership for 2014 by paying your membership fee of $25 for the year. We wish to remind our members that they receive the periodical free of charge at the end of the year and that we have no other funds to cover the expenses of the printing of the ‘Antipodes’ periodical and the posting to its members. The viability of the GACLM depends on your support. (You’ll find the renewal form and other details at the end of this Newsletter).

1. The League’s Administrative Committee for 2014
We are delighted to welcome to the Administrative Committee two new valuable members- Konstandina Dounis and Connie Gregory who with interest and enthusiasm agreed to offer their invaluable experience and knowledge to the League. We wish them both the very best.

2. Upcoming events 2014
a) Sunday 16th March at 3.00 p.m., Sotiris Mantalvanos will launch his book – «Μεγαλειώτατοι και Μανούλια», a satire, at the Kefallinian House, 16-20 Stawell St., West Melbourne (next to the North Melbourne station). The book will be presented by Dr. Kostas Vitkos.

b) Sunday 6th April at 3.00 p.m., Sotiris Manolopoulos will launch his autobiography “A Migrant’s Journey” at the Pontian Community of Melbourne, 345 Victoria St., Brunswick. The presenter will be lawyer, poet and journalist Dean Kalymniou.

c) Sunday 17th May at 3.00 pm., Dr Con Aronis will launch his book “Flames in the Water Tears in the Sea”, a powerful historical novel about one of the greatest tragedies of the 20th century… at the Pontian Community of Melbourne, 345 Victoria St., Brunswick. The book will be presented by academic and writer Konstandina Dounis and journalist Claire Gazis.

d) The GACL in continuing its aim to present the work of 12 artists in the fields of painting, design, photography, sculpture, ceramics, mosaics and other media, on May 22, at 6.30 pm will hold the opening night of the Art Exhibition, “Antipodean Palette”.This will take place at the Steps Gallery, 62 Lygon Street, Carlton. The exhibition will continue until the 1st June. We are also organising a poetry evening on Sunday 25th May at 4.00pm, at the same venue as the exhibition.

You’ll receive further details and information about this event and any others in the next Newsletter.

3. Periodical «Antipodes» Volume 60, 2014
The 60th Volume of the literary periodical «ANTIPODES» will be launched in October. Τhis issue will publish works submitted by its members, such as poems, short stories, studies, essays, book reviews and οther literary works, in Greek and English. Submitted works, in order to be published in the periodical must be approved by the Editorial Committee. All material submitted must not have been published previously and is the original work of the author.

The following length limits apply to each category: Poems: 100 lines, Short Stories and Essays: 2000 words, Studies: 3000 words, Book Reviews: 1000 words. Seven copies per contribution should be submitted, these are non-returnable. The deadline for submitting contributions is the 26th June, 2014. Works that exceed the specified size limits will be rejected, without involving the Editorial Committee.

Works Submitted must be posted to the: Greek-Australian Cultural League of Melbourne, University of Melbourne, P.O. Box 4307, Parkville, Vic., 3052 and must reach the GACL by the 26th of June 2014. We encourage submissions to be sent in electronic form to

4. Literary Competition 2014
The GACLM, once again, organises the annual Literary Competition whose results will be announced during the launch of this year’s “Antipodes” periodical, Volume 60.

The competition includes works written in the Greek or English language in the following categories: Poetry, Short Story and One Act Theatrical Play.

Competition Rules:
• One entry per category.
• All submissions should be the original works of the author and should not have been submitted to another competition or have been previously published.
• Contributions for the competition can be submitted in either the Greek or English language and will be judged separately for each language.
• Poems should not exceed 100 lines. Prose entries should not exceed 2000 words. The one-act play should not exceed 15 minutes duration.
• For each entry, four copies of the work need to be submitted for consideration by the judges by post. These copies will not be returned.
• For each work submitted, a pseudonym in place of the author’s name should be used. This needs to be the same pseudonym for all work submitted by the same person. The author’s full name and corresponding pseudonym, their address, telephone number and email, along with the title of the work/s should be placed in a separate sealed envelope with their entry/entries to ensure anonymity. Please complete the attached application with your submission/s.
• The results of the literary competition will be announced at a special function incorporating the launch of the League’s annual, bilingual periodical: ANTIPODES in October, 2014. All first prize winning works in each category of the competition shall be published in the periodical of the GACL “ANTIPODES” Vol. 60, 2014 which will be launched on the same day the awards are announced. All prize winners will be sent via post a commemorative certificate.

All entries must be submitted by 26th June, 2014, at the latest, and sent to the following address: Greek-Australian Cultural League, University οf Melbourne, P.O. Box 4307, Parkville, Vic., 3052, Australia