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The 64th issue of the literary periodical Antipodes will be launched οn Sunday 7th October, 2018. This year the periodical is celebrating its 45th year of continuous circulation and will be commemorated with a special publication.

The issue will pay a special tribute to Antigone Kefala, an Australian author and poet who has been proposed for several prestigious government literary awards. She won the 2016 Judith Wright Award for her recent poetry collection, “Fragments”.

Her themes primarily centre around the people who have lost their homeland due to war or displacement.

As usual, this issue will publish works submitted by our members or non-members such as poems, short stories, studies, essays, book reviews and οther literary works, in Greek and English and the Visual Arts.

Works to be submitted for publication must be original works that have not been published or promoted in another publication.

Literary works should be no longer than the limits prescribed as follows: Poems: 100 verses (lines), short stories and essays; 2000 words, meditations: 800 words, studies: 2000 words, book reviews and other reviews (exhibitions, music, plays, films): 1000 words.

The deadline for submitting contributions is Friday 8th June, 2018. Works that exceed the specified size limits will be rejected, without involving the Editorial Committee.

Works Submitted must be sent electronically in Word document format, (attachment) to