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Poet’s Garden

Spiros Karamountzos

“Poet’s Garden” is the latest collection of poetry by Spiros K. karamountzos, includes quintessence of loving poetry and pictures of natural beauty, all priceless of value. His verses are not only a deposit but also a clear proof of an inspired poet and a man of feeling whom it’s worth to know the profundity of his thoughts and his emotions.

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Spiros K.Karamountzos is a famous Greek poet and author. He was born in Karya, a village in Argolida. He was a teacher of the elementary education. Now he is retired. He is a member of the Greek Writers Society of the international Writers Association and of the World Poets Society. His poems have been translated into English, Chinese, Russian and have appeared in the national and foreign Anthologies. His writing has received awards from national and international poetry competitions. He has published the books-Words of Karya, with memories of his village, Knowledge lend wings to Inspiration – Spiros Karamountzos is interviewed by Zacharoula Gaitanaki (2011) and the collections of poetry: Halcyons (2000), Strokes of the Bow (2004), Dewdrops (2006), Shedding of Leaves ( 2006), Sunflowers ( 2010), Looking for a Poet (2013).