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Georgia Tsarouhas

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Georgia Tsarouhas is a self-taught artist who has been painting for several years from her home studio in Melbourne, Australia.

Born a Greek-Australian, she spent many of her formative years living in Australia and Greece for significant periods of time, and her psyche has been indelibly imbued by her life’s experiences being intertwined with these two incredible cultures and rich landscapes.

In her work she delves deeply to create significant visual experiences, usually drawing on personal undercurrents, linking themes of memory, heritage, internal language, time, and being—with internal and external landscapes. She takes note of the fragile wefts and warps of the human condition and combines these with inspiration from nature—weaving in the intangible, the in-betweenness of things, of love and loss, solace and yearning, beginning and end, holding on and letting go, fear and euphoria, the organic and static, light and dark, the process of metamorphosis and transition, making the invisible visible. As she engages with spontaneous yet conscious gestural expressions of color, marks, and abstraction, the composition that emerges on the canvas is one that conveys the emotional imagery she experiences through this layered contemplation.

Georgia paints large-scale as a way to find an expansive expression for what is ultimately an intimate connection with her own metaphysical alchemy. This endeavour nourishes her like a meditation and is what makes the process of painting both alluring and intriguing for her. Above all, her paintings are about resonance and connection. Georgia states: “My paintings are visceral visionary landscapes that resonate with an emotional response to memory and experience of being and place, via abstractions of color and the velvety lusciousness of oil on a large-scale canvas.”

Georgia’s paintings are held in private collections in Australia and overseas.

Krom@tic Art exhibition, MADS Milano, Milan 2021