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Maritsa Micos

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My artwork draws energy and inspiration from the land in its many forms, The layers of impasto and graffiti like marks are evident within my contemporary mixed media palette which comprises of acrylics, aerosol, collage, gouache, ink, graphite. Artists such as De Kooning, CY Twombly and Aida Tomescu have influenced my style.

The process of mark making became my focus when I joined the Drawing Marathon in Soho NY and worked under mentor Graham Nickson. The vocabulary of drawing crossed the boundaries of paint and my personal style broadened through unorthodox tools and exercises. As a result my art process became intuitive in its approach.

  • Bachelor Fine Art University of New South Wales
  • New York School of Painting drawing and sculpture

My art is fluid and interpretive. My recent project involves multi-media collage influenced by the luxury market. 

The challenge was not to translate everything I see, but rather create spaces which house the information.” 

Maritsa Micos Dragonas