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Michael Christofas

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Michael Christofas is a photographer who was born and raised in Melbourne. His passion for photography initially stemmed from a young age when he holidayed to various parts of Australia and around the globe with his parents, brother and sister. Once old enough to venture out on his own, he used travel as a means to experience different cultures and to immerse himself in the sights and sounds of these environments. Reflecting back, Michael believes this was his grounding into being able to connect with people, listen to their stories regardless of language barriers and be able to gain trust to capture visually expressive portraits.

Michael’s professional photographic journey started to take shape when he returned to tertiary education and graduated in 2007 with an Advanced Diploma in Photography. During his 4 years at the renowned Photography Studies College, Michael was able gain insight and skill in analogue (film) photography, Black & White Printing as well as Digital Photography.

As a visual artist, his love for people based photography has seen him gravitate more and more towards environmental portraiture. He gains inspiration by understanding, listening and engaging with each person he photographs. Michael’s images are raw and emotive and shows a true connection between artist and subject. His portraits can often reveal an alternate character that highlights identity and honesty.

Michael has worked as a freelance commercial photographer for fifteen years. His work is used in advertising, media, marketing collateral and websites. He is hired to capture images by not for profit & community organisations, as well as business groups & individuals from various sectors and industries.

He also designs and delivers training around photography. Whether it be camera operation and techniques, photo retouching or Photography for Wellness, Michael has facilitated workshops across many groups and levels.

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