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Michael Winters

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Born in 1943, Australian artist Michael Winters’ lifelong artistic journey began with his studies at the Caulfield Institute of Technology from 1959 to 1963. Fueled by a deep passion for art history, especially ancient Greek marvels, this passion led him on a transformative path to Greece’s artistic heritage.

In October 1965, he set sail from Melbourne on the “Patris” to Athens, a city rich in archaeology and urban tapestry. A fortuitous encounter onboard shifted his trajectory, as he met Greek traveler Antoni Tsaloumas. Tsaloumas’ invitation to his home island, Leros, initiated a profound connection with the island and Greece, influencing Winters’ art.

Returning to Australia in 1974, Winters met Dimitri Tsaloumas, Antoni’s brother, a prominent writer. Collaborating on illustrating poems sparked a lasting friendship and a series of artworks. His visits to Greece, particularly Leros, inspired him, leading to his recognition as an Honorary Citizen of Leros in 1995.

Greece’s influence on Winters’ art grew evident through his linocuts, capturing Greek landscapes and human stories. During a 1990 Crete stay, he created works commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Crete, blending military history and mythology. The collection exhibited at the Australian War Memorial in 2005.

His artistic journey transcended borders with exhibitions in Greece, Sweden, England, and Australia. His works were submitted for the Archibald Prize thrice. In 2023, he featured in the “Antipodean Palette exhibition,” invited by the Greek Australian Cultural League to launch the event, celebrating his enduring connection to Greece as a true philhellene.

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