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Theo Papathomas

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Theo is an Australian artist based in Melbourne Australia, with a BA in Fine Art from RMIT University (1983).

“I consider myself an experimental artist using different mediums and various styles, always challenging my practice. My inspiration comes from being part of the Australian landscape, witnessing and experiencing the energy of its dramatic seasonal change”.

The images and symbols which are represented in Theo’s work are completely spontaneous and intuitive without the use of drawings to guide.

News & Media

Theo Papathomas: Artistic expression in colour and canvas, The Greek Herald, 2 February 2024


  • 2018 Van Der Plas Gallery New York, group exhibition & 2018 solo exhibition
  • 2017 Tacit Art Galleries Melbourne, group exhibition & 2017 solo exhibition
  • 2016 Steps Gallery Melbourne, group exhibition & 2016 solo exhibition
  • 2014 Fortyfivedownstairs Art Gallery, solo exhibition
  • 2012 Fortyfivedownstairs Art Gallery, solo exhibition
  • 2010 Peters Gallery Cyprus, solo exhibition
  • 2008 Fortyfivedownstairs Art Gallery, solo exhibition