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The launch of the much anticipated annual, bilingual periodical Antipodes vol 61, took place at the Panarcadian Association “O Kolokotronis” building, in North Melbourne, on Sunday 15 November and the results of the Literary Competition were announced.

This periodical’s longevity has spanned for 42 years making it the longest Greek-Australian periodical circulating in Australia.

The latest edition paid tribute to the academic, Dr Thanasis Spilias for his long standing, dedicated and committed contribution to the study of the Greek letters and culture as well as his enthusiastic support of the different endeavours of the GACL. This publication also paid tribute to the memory of the Academic Dr Aristides Paradissis, for his outstanding literary contribution.

Present at the launch were friends of the Greek and English literary word including Dr Thanasis Spilias with his family, Justice Emilios Kyrou, and the major sponsor of the periodical Mr Nikos Andrianakos , General Manager of Milemaker Petroleum, with his wife, Mrs Anthi Andrianakos, Dr Christos Fifis, Mr Kyriakos Amanatides. the Honorary President of the GACL and his wife, Mrs Dina Amanatides, many other academics, Presidents from different organisations, the media and prize winners from the Literary Competition.


Cathy Alexopoulos, President of the GACL, in her welcoming speech referred to the longevity of the periodical as having expanded its horizons, content, appearance and layout in order to make it more relevant to the younger generation as well reflecting the aims and objectives as set out in the constitution in 1970. The emphasis on the quality and the timelessness of the content have elevated the periodical to an important position in the ecumenical Hellenism.

She made a special mention to the transformed new publication- layout, graphic design, general aesthetics and eye catching front cover design with an artwork by Anne Sampsonidis-Warren. She also acknowledged and thanked Steve Messinis for his hard work, commitment and input towards all these positive changes. “Steve has produced a new milestone which we are all very proud to be associated with,” Mrs Alexopoulos said.

Thanks were also given to the sponsors of the periodical, especially Mr Nikos Andrianakos, General Manager of Milemaker Petroleum for his generous contribution towards the publication of the periodical, the Editorial Committee of the periodical, the editor Kyriakos Amanatides, the proof reader, Dina Amanatides, the printer, Paul Iakovakis, from Hellas Printing and to the many contributors to the periodical whom she encouraged to continue sending their submissions.

Cathy Alexopoulos continued to thank the Panel of Judges who took part in the Literary Competition- Dr Christos Fifis, Dr Anthi Baltatzis, Mrs Andrea Garivaldis, for their commitment and support in judging the submissions. She also thanked all the participants and the winners of the Competition and acknowledged the work done by the GACL Committee of Management, the contribution made by the media-newspapers-Neos Kosmos and Ta Nea, as well as 3XY, 3ZZZ, SBS and TGA news.

Finally she thanked Anthea Sidiropoulos and Jacob Papadopoulos for enriching the event with their musical entertainment.

The presentation of the periodical was made by Dr Chris Fifis who made reference to Dr Thanasis Spilias to whom the periodical was dedicated, as being a man who spent many years to the advancement and promotion of the Greek language and culture through his involvement in the education area.

The results of the Literary Competition 2015

Poetry (Greek)
1st Prize- Νερένιος χρόνος-Maro Nikolaou
Merit- Πάντερμη Πολιτεία-Vlassis Mavraganis

Prose (Greek)
1st Prize- Η Μοναχή Γυναίκα- Poppy Anastasiadis-Mallianou
Merit- Μαργαρίτες στην Άμμο– Claire Gazis

Poetry in English
1st Prize- Mnemosyne’s Amaranthos- Claire Catacouzinos
Merit –The Spider- Salome Argyropoulos

Short Story in English
1st Prize- Legacy to my baby- Soula Liveriadis
Merit- The silent gaze – Maria Papageorgiou

Panel of Judges
Coordinator: Kathy Aronis, Vice-President GACL
Members: Dr. Christos Fifis, Honorary Research Associate, La Trobe University (Melbourne); Andrea Garivaldis, educationalist, poet; Dr Anthi Baltatzi, academic