The updated and modernized GACL website with the latest applications and adaptations will be up (beta version) and running as of 10  May. Please support us in our latest venture by going onto our facebook page ( and twitter (, and following as well as attending our functions. Sign up and become a member, we value your support. In our new website we will have a special section under “Books & More” in which, as a first plan, present the latest book publications of our members. In this attempt we will require from you electronically the following in the order they appear:

  • Cover of book (high resolution jpeg or pdf file
  • Main title of the book
  • Author’s name(s)
  • Book category- poetry, novel, theatrical play, short stories, study, etc.,
  •  Publisher
  • Year of publication
  • ISBN
  • Sale Price
  • Contact (email or postal address)
  • A biographical note about the author ( a paragraph)
  • A short blurb about the book

ALSO In the new section under “Links” we will present the website addresses of our members (if they wish) accompanied by their name. Please contact us via email with your details stating your full name and the address of your website. Our email is-